Replace your watch strap with TipTalk then your watch will become smarter Looks just like a watch strap!

TipTalk looks like a watch strap! Only 6mm thin. It's so light that you won't feel any difference from wearing a normal watch strap.
Replaceable adapters allow you to fit the strap on various band sizes Adjustable chains allow you to customize your wrist size

  • TipTalk's design, premium materials, and meticulous detailing make it look and feel great on your wrist.
  • Replaceable adapters allow the strap to be fitted to various band sizes (18~24mm)
  • Adjustable chains can be customized to your wrist size.

TipTalk and its application are available for everyone.

Events, texts, app alerts, incoming call, fitness and sleep tracking-stay on top of everything that gets you going, all with a simple, discreet glance.

  • TipTalk is available for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Stay healthy by using the pedometer function of TipTalk.
  • Track your daily steps and distance right on your smartphone by using Mobile Track.
  • You can synchronize your daily steps with Samsung Health, Google Fit and iPhone Health.

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